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CP clubs, on the other hand, definitely carry English passports.

Not the only ones in the world, of course (the Americans are quite into it as well), but per capita they definitely have the most. Sado-masochism is too globally mainstream (in an underground sort of way, obviously) to ever be ascribed to one specific nationality.

A relaxed and likeable kind of guy, he could obviously see the humour in the whole thing and fully sympathised with my nervousness.

“It took me ages to work up the nerve to go to my first party,” he recalled, grinning.

As he placed his hand on her bottom and began to rub it in ever-increasing circles, a look of almost divine serenity and contentment came over his face. About ten years ago I found out about spanking parties and I went to them for two, two-and-a-half years, or something like that. .” Although Actually Spanking run four or five events a month (charging £95 per head – or rather hand), it’s still not a particularly huge money-spinner for either Robert or Paul. He’d have parties most weeks and make a new video virtually every month.” When I asked Robert about the girls Actually Spanking used, he explained that although they get paid a minimum of £150 per party, most of them do it for pleasure as well, and aren’t hired prostitutes. For example, Miranda, who you’ll be meeting later tonight, is in PR.

You could tell that Bill truly lived for these moments. He glanced over at me, rubbed his hands together and gleefully mouthed the words, “glorious arse! As his spanking intensified, he began to softly sing an old sea shanty, rhythmically striking her rear end in time with the lyrics: “Forgive my rough mood… “And then I told somebody that I was giving it up because I’d been to various different groups and didn’t feel that any of them were doing exactly what I wanted, so she persuaded me to start running parties myself. This was a girl called Kim who is no longer on the scene. ” “Well, the details aren’t important now, but I’m told that I actually levitated with steam coming out of both ears! “And then I did nothing for a while and then, you know, kind souls sort of prodded me and said why didn’t I start doing more parties because they’d enjoyed them. Unlike most other CP clubs, they don’t sell videos, school uniforms, literature or equipment. I work weekends in an Arts Centre, on the advance booking side, just to get a bit of money and keep on the right side of the national insurance people – just to keep pensions and things in order. There was one man who did make a living out of it but he died recently in tragic circumstances. “They’re not from the sex industry, very few come from the sex industry. And I think that they do it more or less as a relaxation.

As I sat there, stamping my feet and watching this all-singing, all-slapping sexagenarian’s show, it suddenly occurred to me that I could be witnessing the birth of a whole new musical genre – ‘Rhythm & Blows’. It wasn’t that I was particularly squeamish about the prospect of being spanked.

Now, even without the peaked cap, Bill reminded me of nothing so much as a pervert version of the original Captain Bird’s Eye. Actually Spanking offered a choice of ‘sub-fem’, ‘dom-fem’ or ‘revenge’ parties. “Dom-fem is where the girls spank you, and revenge parties – or ‘switch’ parties – are a combination of both.” After brief consideration, I decided to opt for the sub-fem party (much to the disappointment of some of my work colleagues).

” They both agreed to go on the record with me and also said that they would try and organise interviews with some of the girls and, possibly, one or two of their veteran members.When she finally got up off my lap, she continued behaving in a somewhat rude and truculent fashion, despite her tanned and tingling behind. Her bum was glowing more brightly than a neon sign in Soho, yet she was still being a pain in the arse. ” Like an oversized and underfed bird of prey, Bill was perched expectantly and excitably on a chair to my left. Although most of Actually Spanking’s events are held in the upstairs function room of a nearby pub, they occasionally hold smaller parties for “old hands” in the flat.“I don’t know why you even bothered pulling these down,” she moaned, readjusting her g-string under her white pleated tennis skirt. “You’ve obviously learnt nothing at all from this little lesson! A sixty-something pensioner with enormous black NHS goggle glasses and a long yellowing beard, he epitomised the classic ‘dirty old man’ in just about every way – from the oily stains on his trousers to the even oilier leer on his face. A retired civil servant, Robert explained that he had come to spanking rather late in life.this is his own hands-on account of all that you can’t leave behind By the time I’d finished spanking Sara, the palm of my right hand was almost as red, hot and stinging as the darkly crimsoned cheeks of her still-quivering buttocks. A short, stout and rather wheezy 62-year-old, casually dressed in a yellow T-shirt, baggy tracksuit bottoms and trainers, he looked harmless enough.My arm was fairly tired as well, physically aching from having just administered similarly punishing punishment – forty or so medium-to-hard slaps – to the bare bottoms of Miranda, Julie and Sharon, all of whom had been equally in need of some stern discipline. The only slight clue to his deviancy was the length of his straggly grey hair.