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And if so, how will the offense look against a formidable Notre Dame squad?

Canada may be indirectly interviewing for a new job and has a slew of draft-eligible prospects looking to stamp their spots for April.

At that point, the season was effectively over, so they decided not to waste money on promoting another coach.

They just propped up Rust's lifeless body for the last six weeks.

— LSU and Notre Dame aren’t exactly rivals, but there’s certainly a level of familiarity between the programs as they prepare to kick off the new year in the Citrus Bowl.

(In their defense, they didn't realize Rust was dead until Week 10.

He won his third PGA Tour event at the 2002 Phoenix Open, which featured an infamous moment—as Di Marco was addressing a pressure putt at TPC Scottsdale's 16th hole, one of the fans yelled "Noonan! By 2004, he had finished in the top twenty on the PGA Tour money list for five straight seasons, and had tied for second in the PGA Championship, losing the title to Vijay Singh in a three-way playoff.

The final round pairing of Woods and Di Marco featured the famous "in your life" moment, when Woods' chip took an incredibly long time to drop into the hole for birdie on the par three 16th, and stretch his lead to two. K (Reaching Out to Cancer Kids), and features celebrities and amateurs.

The good news: We get to stay in the family of Rods. Can you expect Brees and Sean Payton to say, "Screw it," and air it out these next two weeks? Yes you can.) Does this mean you should parlay the Saints with the over both weeks?

(One silver lining in the Rust era: The Patriots bottomed out so badly that I broke my gambling cherry to maintain my interest in the '89 season. Right now, somewhere in America, there's at least one Lions fan on a college campus who owes ,000 to a bookie. By the way, Pete in Virginia wonders, "Can we just make 'Do They Know It's Christmas? Some good news: The House of Representatives convenes next week to discuss bailout plans for the Rams and Marc Bulger's contract. Cincinnati Bengals During last week's anti-gifts column, I wondered why Bengals fans hadn't sent in any suggestions and worried whether they were still alive. Cleveland Browns There are five open secrets in the NFL right now. (Here's where I would have stuck the link of Colonel James hissing, "Oh, you think so, Doctor? Which raises the question … how the hell is that not on You Tube? One more prediction while we're here: After Brees torches the Lions for something like 450 yards and puts himself in Marino range, look for Boomer Esiason to derisively mention that record in the postgame show along with a biting line like, "Almost makes up for never winning a ring," while Marino's temples pulsate and his face turns purple. They're holding a fishing pole and trying to reel you in?