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The two actors are completely different, incompatible, but somehow they make the audience forget that everything is just for the sake of the show.

It’s impossible not to watch this couple without grinning at their interactions, and getting squeamish when it comes down to their over-the-top moments.

ㅋㅋ and I wonder if they really kissed in the preview? Guys who are normally quiet and cold go all out on expressing their feelings once they fall in love like he is right now. [ 531, -19] I think it'd be impossible to at least not develop a little bit of feelings when a handsome man and a beautiful woman are put together like that....

[ 630, -62] With all of the back and forth editing between the other couples, they've gone down in viewer ratings.

So Eun’s able to take as much as Jae Rim gives and it’s simply fantastic to watch them try to go head-to-head with one another.

(Plus, she’s great on But, at the end of the day, Kim So Eun is independent, and whenever Song Jae Rim teases her, she finds something to tease him about.

Kim So Eun and the in-studio audience cannot handle his over-the-top compliments sometimes, although in the latest episodes, So Eun’s started to be just as ridiculous as Jae Rim.

The two come together to form a realistic couple, with their similarities and their differences, and are truly enjoyable to watch.

Known for his powerful roles in The Moon Embraces The Sun, Inspiring Generation, and Two Weeks, as well as for being eye candy in The Idle Mermaid, Song Jae Rim has completely ruined his image on We Got Married.

He’s gained the nickname “Obligation Song,” due to how he does everything that So Eun asks him to do.

Think of all of the celebrity couples who got together while acting on set for a movie or drama.

During the press conference for the upcoming SBS weekend drama called “Our Gap Soon,” Actor Song Jae Rim talks about how he feels about reuniting with his former “We Got Married” wife, Actress Kim So Eun.