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IITs will admit more than 1,400 women from next year, the top admissions body decided on Saturday, in a move aimed at rectifying gender balance in the country’s premier institutes.A meeting of the joint admission board of IITs recommended an increase of 600 seats – a hike of 14% -- in the number of seats allotted to women, taking the total quota to 1,440 seats.This is logically perfect, but pragmatically impracticable.On the other hand, at the other end of the scale is the second view, the other extreme stand, namely, life begins only on birth. One may then argue that if there was no life before birth, then all sorts of legal restrictions and sanctions dealing with the inference of the foetus become unnecessary except to the limited extend of preventing such interference in the interest of the mothers health.

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Each of these two views standing at the extremes, creating a dilemma for the lawmakers.Natural abortions is a very common phenomena and may occur due to many reasons, such as bad health, defect in generative organs of the mother, shocks, fear, joy, etc.Accidental abortion very often takes place because of pathological reasons where pregnancy cannot be completed and the uterus empties before the maturity of fetus.Holding traditional, paternalistic views, parents may believe that they are acting in the best interests of the girls, that they are protecting them from a hostile society that they are preparing them for a suitable feminine role in life,” a recent report said.Besides, the admissions panel also decided that all candidates will get seven rounds of counselling, two more than the present number.