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Rouan will also cover diagnostic tools that can help you figure out what went wrong, talk about how your team could approach issues, and explain the possibility of creating self-healing mechanisms.

Lastly, he’ll chat about what you need to ship a fix fast and how the right production monitoring can even help you write less code.

or work for an academic institute, we have a limited set of massively discounted tickets available for you.

He’ll show you a range of techniques for finding out quickly that something has gone wrong, including everything from automated alerting to an old-fashioned phone call from a grumpy user.

For the last 18 years, I have watched tech teams take ownership of builds, deploys and what I might call "all things automatable".

This has changed the way digital products are produced and in many cases improved our ability to make incremental changes.

After attending the talk, you’ll see that production issues are learning opportunities.

You’ll be ready to spot them, understand them and use them to build better software. He has built applications in a variety of technology stacks for companies in the financial services, education, health and media sectors.