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I’ve left a few places because it became intolerable.

Also be prepared for people who will not let you pass.

If you’re drinking from a glass bottle be careful where you leave it (try and throw it away properly!

) and of course try never to break a glass or bottle in the street where a paso will go by.

It marks the arrival of spring in Sevilla with a week long celebration that fills the streets, churches, bars and restaurants.

It's moving your way around the center of the city and through the crowd in search of the best spot to catch a procession or float, all the while testing your knowledge of the winding streets of Sevilla.

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If you try to get behind them and there is no room don’t be surprised if the people refuse to let you through.While I’ve never had a problem, many do – keep your belongings close to yourself and never take your eye off them. Getting across on Sierpes is controlled at certain points where they will let you through every 5 minutes in groups.There are maybe three streets – Calle Cerrajeria/Rioja and Calle Granada are two - where you can pass.(To those awful American girls I saw last year who arrived late, placed themselves in front of others who had been there for hours, then refused to move, cursed at these people and then laughed about it – I say thanks for being such fine representatives of our country.As a reward I include your picture here) As well, the curb marks the boundary of where you should be and if you’re in the street you may be moved out of the way as the procession goes by.