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In Africa the beautiful female slaves were the ones that worked as prostitutes.

The slave owner would lock her up and she would sleep with different men but the slave owner was the one who received the price.

When they are given back their passports they find out that they have overstayed their visas and they are not only broke but also illegal immigrants stuck in a foreign country.

Some of these women travel at their own free will but unfortunately, many are trafficked and forced to work as sex slaves. In most African countries, women take the most care of the children and being the loving parents they are, they go overboard in order to provide for them.This job is dangerous and each moment that these girls are out there their lives are on the line.They interact with all sorts of people from murderers, drug dealers and psychos, to tourists and good people, and at all time avoid the police.Every day an average of ten trafficked women enter Malaysia.Once inside the country, getting a visa is as easy as paying 00 for an unregistered university and getting a one year student visa.