Minecraft online dating

He paid in cash and closed the deal, after the vendor threw in several cases of Dom Perignon, in six days.

Three months earlier, Persson had sold his company, Mojang, and its lucrative product — Minecraft — to Microsoft in a deal which personally netted him nearly £1.2 billion.

But his greatest indulgence is his home — the most expensive property ever listed in Beverly Hills.

For most people, not having to head to work every day is their dream.

Some insist that producing so many multi-millionaires overnight is one of the internet’s great virtues.

Others will point at Markus Persson, belatedly discovering that money doesn’t bring happiness and making a prize chump of himself in the process, as evidence of precisely the opposite.

The more clued-up dotcom billionaires, such as Elon Musk, devote their fortunes to saving the planet.

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