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Even then, a smaller and weaker-looking character can be quite intimidating - I'd say Eyil can be somewhat intimidating when she wants to, even though she's short and skinny, seeing as she can, in the right situations, become cold-blooded and kill innocents who stand in her way without outward emotion. Caveat being of course that he might act differently within the triumvirate, but from an outsider perspective who's had to deal with Khonsu on alts of various races and classes the conclusion I've drawn is essentially "Don't bother approaching him if you want to be taken seriously unless you're in a visible position of power in your guild''.As to get on topic; I agree that I find self-control far more intimidating than someone throwing a hissyfit when things don't go their way.I've never done the Growth potion thing, nor gone out of my way to make her scary - I'm afraid you'll have to ask him, should he ever appear! But when he's tripping characters over in a secluded alley-way and acting like the good-guy as he pockets your diamond brooch I've on the occasion gained a whisper to thank me for the random-criminal-RP.(Mostly the reason why I started this thread, trying to find out why being robbed from by a hooded-homeless was so unsettling!Though as said, when surrounded by members of your guild it's an excellent means of making your character 'guesswork' enough to make others worry about face-to-face interaction.Long ago, whilst I was more actively doing my Warden-y stuff and chasing big ol' criminals, I was told (admittedly, by a friend) that his character (a student of one of AD's most infamous criminals, and a criminal of sorts himself) found Aerie here quite intimidating.A character that wants to be intimidating should act rather than look.

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A lack of coherency in character concept, or an overuse of clichés or outright shallow or forced characteristics that are obviously intended to display character power are generally not received by others as they were intended by the creator.

He's also intimidated by the unknown, fel magic and practitioners of other arts he's not familiar with often unnerve him.

Loud and insulting individuals just annoy him regardless of size or strengh.

My thoughts direct to Cliches like cigar-smoking, eye-patches and so on also trigger off the zero intimidation-alarm.

I find myself questioning their health due to the drug use and their depth perception due to the lack of an eye.