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He bought it brand new in 1997 for £540,000 when it was advertised as capable of going from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 241mph.

After he crashed it for the second time in 2011, in a collision with a tree, he received the largest insurance payout ever made in Britain: £910,000.

He took a break from his usual comic fare a year later to make a film that examined his obsession with cars called The Driven Man.

He’s just an ordinary guy doing an extraordinary job.”In many ways this final phrase applies to Atkinson too.He grew up on a 400-acre farm in County Durham and his father Eric refused to have a TV in the house until he was 12.However the young Atkinson did develop his inclination to be a petrolhead by driving his mother’s Morris Minor around the farm.Whether he’s channelling the spirit of Charlie Chaplin, Jacques Tati or Peter Sellers, Atkinson rarely disappoints.But the Atkinson we know is the one who appears after the director has called “Action! The late government minister Alan Clark gave us an acute insight into the real Atkinson in his notorious diaries.