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To gain more insight on this topic click here to access the ACR article entitled “Med PAC Targets Specialty Reimbursement”.

As this E-brief goes out, we will have recently conducted our annual winter board meeting. President, Florida Radiological Society October 2016 FRS President’s Message The practice of radiology is continuously evolving with new regulations and standards constantly on the horizon.

The FDA is planning go live of EQUIP in November/December 2016.

For more details regarding the FDA EQUIP click here: CMS will soon require referring physicians to consult specified appropriate use criteria (AUC) prior to ordering advanced diagnostic imaging services (ADIS) in order for the furnishing provider to receive Medicare reimbursement.

I am truly not an expert in MACRA or health care reform, but would like to pass along to FRS membership some informative links that were provided to me by our Chairman of Radiology at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Dr. Please use these links to educate members of your radiology practices in order than we can be best prepared for these upcoming changes.

Ed Goodemote Ph D, RN President, FRBMA Chief Executive Officer Radiology and Imaging Specialists Lakeland, Florida [email protected] March 2016 FRBMA President’s Message After attending a recent meeting where Dr.

Steve Miles discussed the CMS Value Modifier Program, I was prompted to learn more about the program and the impact on our practice reimbursement.

Providers of ADIS (CT, MRI and nuclear medicine, including PET) will not receive Medicare reimbursement if the referring physician has not documented which specified AUC was consulted prior to placing the order.

The ACR was named in June as one of the 11 q PL’Es approved to specify AUC for advanced diagnostic imaging.