New dating skill

Is watching Grey’s Anatomy or Project Runway the highlight of your week?

Have you stopped cooking meals because it’s so much trouble for “only one?

Admit that you are lonely Self-awareness is the first step.

Last year, I got so used to a limited social life and a lack of local confidantes, that I stopped noticing how lonely I was.

Are you looking for someone who: Enjoys some of the same activities you do? Has something in common that you can both talk about? Once you have identified your criteria, keep them on your radar as you implement step 4. Become a joiner This is a tough one, because so many of us are shy about joining groups.I know someone who has been going out to dinner with a friend once a week for the last 20 years.They have absolutely nothing in common except for their weekly dinner ritual.A trip back to New England—where old friends seemed very interested in spending time with me—reminded me of what I was missing.So pay attention to the signs of social disconnection: Are telemarketers the only people who call you in the evenings?