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And those who recognized its power early – the majority of the big players registered their domain names in the mid-90s – are reaping the rewards.

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From those looking to find a partner who hates the same things they do to those who wish to meet their soul mate through a shared affection for conspiracy theories and marijuana, here are some of the most niche dating websites and apps available for the most precise daters. We are now living in an age where it's unusual for singles not to be swiping right and left.And everyone in the tech business is trying to get a piece of the pie.Niche applications that genuinely help people may not have the user-base of the larger players, but they'll certainly retain a viable place in the market. All these niche dating sites are taking their toll on Match's portfolio, which includes Tinder, Plenty of Fish, How About We and Ok Cupid.With over 1,500 dating sites and applications to contend with, and a business model that relies solely on membership fees, revenue has been slowing down.