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I would go in there after art school and I was like… ' I would take makeup home and try to put on lashes. I would put makeup on my friends and make them let me take their pictures. It really showed that I could do something from a curated point of view. I think Puerto Rico has been my go to, but now that I'm exploring other parts of the world, I'm excited. There's definitely a common thread that I find throughout surf towns. Surf and skate are also a recurring theme, tell me a little bit about what that represents to you: Well, growing up around surf and surfers in California is funny because girls aren't really accepted in the water.

How does the innate aesthetic of surf and skate culture play into your work?

I'm making her do this trick about 25 times, until I get that right spot where there is a cross between her being feminine and owning her masculinity.

I think that's the difference about my perspective. Even though you might not know they are doing the trick wrong, they do.

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I took a photo of this girl of this girl doing a power slide in a g-string, wearing a Metallica t-shirt.

Friends and girlfriends become available as you progress through the storyline.

There are five friends and five girlfriends in total, and each character has a unique set of preferences.

Nico Guilis was born and raised in Southern California, with the avid love of surf culture and endearing, accented inflections and terminology to match. It's travel diaries at length—and beauty stories with well-known artists, actresses, models, surfers. We feature a girl a week and then a beauty story a week, so that you cannot only be inspired by somebody, but you can also learn something cool to do with your hair or makeup. My mother, who is very tailored and put-together was like, "who did I give birth to?! I went to art school because my father said that I had to, so I did that while working as a makeup artist. I think people told me it would hinder my makeup career. Well, obviously I shot something in California, it was one of my first stories, which is crazy because Find Your California it's supposed to be about the idea of taking what I grew up with, taking that common thread and visually showing it around the world… Like, longboarding is kind of cool for chicks on the West Coast.

After making her mark as a beauty artist, the art school grad returned to her photography roots (while showcasing her hair and makeup prowess) to launch a new site, Find Your California. We also supply a platform for girls on a part of the site called "Share the Stoke," where you might meet an artist from Alabama who is 15 and unknown and needs help going to college—and she'd appear next to someone like Poppy Delevingne, who's story is launching in November. How did your background inform your California state-of-mind? So I guess no one really knew I was secretly taking photographs. that no matter where I am, I can have the same perspective on life and how I live. I moved to the East Coast and started going to Montauk and Puerto Rico in the winters, and I met these girls who are now my best friends— and they just rip on short boards.