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As a result they will yes you to death and refrain from doing anything that might offend you.This provides a great opportunity to cross social lines that might otherwise remain taboo. The camera man wasn’t only a videographer, he was also a R&B and Rap artist.I was with the defendant 5 hours prior to the mauling and could testify to his level of visible intoxication. In my case they originally proposed for me to drive 30 minutes in the middle of a work day so i could go to their office on the same day several other people were being deposed!Time is on your side, as they want the information sooner than later. Wouldn’t that be convenient for them and a total pain for me?!We closed out the night with some A Capella freestyles.He really surprised me when he started digging into me with references to the case.They use forceful terms, such as “you are commanded to appear” at such and such place and time, describing consequences such as “warrants”, “contempt of court”, “court intervention”, and even threats of being arrested.I mean seriously, what ever happened to common courtesy.

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When I proposed this, they jumped at the chance, after all they want what I have;) Plaintiff’s Lawyer, Defendant’s Lawyer, and the Videographer " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" You are in control of the environment and can use that to your advantage to ensure that they are in and out of there in minimal time.The criminal justice, and especially our overpopulated/human capital destroying/for profit prison system, is a huge source of concern.If the state of the system alone and the impact on human suffering isn’t enough to make you distressed, this article illuminates some of the machinery driving the legislation that supports this broken criminal justice system, and who is behind it and benefiting from it.(feel free to play System of a Down: Prison Song in the background while reading) Oh man, this article is scary..krugman is always doom and gloom, but this particular article is even more depressing than normal!