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Andy proudly brought his skeletal findings home, and Ben spent the following week perfecting his ear-piercing barn owl screech. *Please do not encourage your children to put their mouths on caterpillars, as some can sting or cause an allergic reaction.Robin Lee, one of the educators at Schrader, visited Ben and Andy’s school the following week, and took the time to email me. By Laura Jackson Roberts Shopping local is a big deal in Wheeling.If she gets rejected, we tell her to take it as a positive. As a parent, we try to help guide her as much as we can. We can get her from Point A to Point B but what she does from Point B on is all up to her.” Pompeo conveys to me just how intense J’lyse’s journey has been. Pompeo realizes that Wheeling is a small town, but she knows how strong OI’s dance program is. ” J’lyse interjects) “she wouldn’t be where she is. This is where it all started for her.” Pompeo looks at J’lyse. That’s cool.” So what can a parent expect when their young dancer lands a role in Oglebay Institute’s ? I live near the School of Dance; I see the cars parked at all hours, the parents carrying bags and shoes as their children wear a groove in the pavement to the door. And both days after Christmas a lot of families don’t travel anymore because the kids have to dance.” Miss Kim is volunteering at PBT the day I speak to J’lyse, as parents are expected to do. Jay routinely heads up a dad-squad, working on sets. In fact, he’s only seen J’lyse perform from the audience four times, because he’s always working backstage.More importantly, she believes that her students are learning what’s really important, and building a foundation here, while also encouraging them to spread their wings when the time comes. Our all-star dancers [must] go and make a life for themselves. I see lights on, late at night, as dancers continue to practice long after I’ve settled in for the evening. It’s part of the deal, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.You’re not going to leave Wheeling, West Virginia and go to New York City. It’s a commitment, and Pompeo and her fellow instructors couldn’t put on the show without the help of the parents, who volunteer their time and efforts every year. J’lyse is achieving her dreams, and she’s working harder than any 16-year-old I’ve ever met. You have to enjoy every moment.” The School of Dance looks forward to sharing with the Ohio Valley over the holiday season. By Laura Roberts Oglebay Institute’s Schrader Environmental Education Center has come a long way since my days in the 1980s as a nature camper at its former iteration, the A. Brooks Nature Center, but its mission remains the same: environmental education.There’s got to be stepping stones along the way and we try to guide them there. But they also know that OI has their back, and we give them all the support they need to get to the next level. She’s both humble about her achievements and excited about her future. Pompeo’s students may take J’lyse, and Michael Morris, as living proof that they can achieve their own success with the help of dedicated teachers and supportive parents. It’s a unique local resource for adults and schoolchildren alike, and the staff offer a variety of weekend programs for the nature-loving family.“Most people my age want to have a normal high school life.

” Ken taught us that owls vomit up the indigestible contents of their meals. My boys did it all, and I let them walk a hundred feet ahead of me, so they could take their time and open their eyes to nature’s offerings without a maternal hand directing their focus. We did yoga on a fallen log and found a woolly bear caterpillar who would someday grow up to be a tiger moth. Back at Schrader, we drank hot chocolate and opened our collection bag to examine our treasures.

The November theme was all about birds, owls included. I admit that I was under the impression the show would feature mainly wreaths, cookie-scented candles, and stockings shaped like rubenesque reindeer.

Another great way to spend a Saturday out of doors. When I visited opening night at both the Stifel and Schrader Centers, I was instead surprised to see a variety of high-quality arts and crafts including jewelry, paintings, photography, ceramics, and food.

With this in mind, my husband and I recently decided that it was time to take the tablets away and get our guys back outside, and I’m not going to lie, they didn’t like it at first.

Their imaginations were stunted, and several weeks passed before they could readily entertain themselves by digging a hole or climbing a tree.