One piece episode 97 english subbed online dating

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She asks him to choose between giving up the battle for the throne or her, thinking his love for her will make him agree. Before parting, Ruo Xi tells the 8th Prince to beware of the 4th Prince among others, giving 8th Prince a list of names of people he needs to be wary of if 8th Prince wants to become Emperor.

By giving 8th Prince this information, Ruo Xi unwitting sets into motion EVERYTHING to come.

Sadly he’s the first to run into the dreaded “duty and obligation and imperial decree” brick wall, forced to marry Ming Yu, the younger sister of the first wife of the 8th Prince.

Ruo Xi sees him as a dear and wonderful friend, and is sad and angry at his fate for being forced to marry someone he doesn’t love.

8th Prince and his gang plot to get rid of the 4th Prince.

To protect the 4th Prince, 13th Prince steps into the trap and Emperor Kangxi has his 13th son placed under house arrest, which ends up lasting 10 years.

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Initially reluctant to accept his feelings, once she decides to love him back, she tries to change his fate. 14th Prince starts to fall in love with Ruo Xi, but he respects 8th Prince so much he doesn’t ever say anything to her.

4th Prince seems outwardly the coldest and most arrogant of the lot, but he always talks frankly with Ruo Xi.

She begins to intrigue him as he takes her attempts to keep her distance from him as a way to engage his interest further.

Ruo Xi’s relationship with 14th Prince is the wild card, and ultimately one that is selfless and unrequited on his part.

Up to episode 10 of the drama, Ruo Xi has already spent a few years in the Qing Dynasty.

One piece episode 97 english subbed online dating