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(Incidentally, the wapiti are often referred to as “elk” in North America, but should not be confused with the European “elk”, or Moose, !

) Traditionally, many authors have chosen to lump wapiti within (i.e.

The Hoare family have owned and run Adsdean Farm for over sixty years through many agricultural transitions and developments.

Indeed, it’s worth remembering that what happens in captivity and what happens in the wild may be very different!

a unique spot where the South Downs meets the coastline.

There are views as far as the Isle of Wight and access to walks across the Downs.

antler growth and formation, collisions with vehicles, chronic wasting disease) have been split from the individual overviews and placed into their own Q/A – this is partly to avoid repetition but also to allow more detailed coverage of the topics.

A summary of the more general aspects of the biology, ecology and behaviour of Britain’s deer species can be found elsewhere on this site.