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The Brethren were forced to operate underground and eventually dispersed across Northern Europe as far as the Low Countries, where their Bishop John Amos Comenius attempted to direct a resurgence.

The largest remaining communities of the Brethren were located in Leszno (German: ) in Poland, which had historically strong ties with the Czechs, and small, isolated groups in Moravia.

They received episcopal ordination through the Waldensians in 1467.

The majority of nobility was Protestant, the schools and printing-shops established by the Moravian Church were flourishing.

As consequence the local Protestant noblemen were either executed or expelled from the country while the Habsburgs placed Catholic (and mostly German speaking) nobility in their place.Download our report to learn about the biggest challenges and how savvy IT executives are overcoming them.Is Dev Ops helping organizations reduce costs and time-to-market for software releases? Find out in this Information Week and Interop ITX infographic on the state of Dev Ops in 2017.The modern Unitas Fratrum, with about one million members worldwide, continues to draw on traditions established during the eighteenth century.The Moravians continue their long tradition of missionary work, such in the Caribbean, as is reflected in their broad global distribution.