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He never had art training but established a reputation as an artist.It is likely, although not proven, he may have painted the fine artwork below of HMS Romulus.

You'll find some of their works in the Bermuda Archives, Bermuda Historical Society Museum, Bermuda Maritime Museum, Bermuda National Trust properties, St.

He spent nearly 22 years in Bermuda in total, not consecutive. His view of St Georges is one of the Islands earliest known oil paintings and shows life in a very busy St Georges Harbour.

He went from Bermuda to the Caribbean 800 miles way to the south in 1818, In 1819 he painted the Hamilton waterfront. In 1822 where he is said to have created paintings of British, French and Dutch colonies. He left behind a family of fascinating genealogical heritage passed on to the present generation.

However, he want to Bermuda where he painted several scenes including the following of Hamilton Harbour: American, painter and illustrator sent to Bermuda in 1942 as a war correspondent for Life Magazine.

During that time he painted both US military base construction and, on a lighter social note, civilian-related scenes.