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For a long time I thought there was only one way to do this – type a lower-case letter “l” in the font Wingdings to insert a round bullet point character.But now I know that Excel is such a versatile bit of software, there’s always more than one way to do something with Excel.To move a chart and align it with cells, hold down ALT key while moving the chart 61. To create an instant micro-chart from your normal chart, use camera tool… Understand data to ink ratio to reduce chart junk, using even a pixel more of ink than what is needed can reduce your chart’s effectiveness 63. So I decided to set out and find new ways to create bullet points in Excel.I discovered five different ways to add bullets in Excel and I’ll show you them in depth. This is the simplest and fastest way of adding bullet points in Excel.

Would you like to know how to insert a bullet point in Excel?The focus is on improving your productivity and making your day better. To see formulas in the worksheet, press ctrl shift ` (ctrl ~) 18. All the Popular Excel Bookmarks in Delicious I encourage you to share your Excel Tips & Charting Suggestions through comments section.Wherever possible, I have included links to relevant articles on this site so that you can read and learn more. While editing formulas to change the reference type from absolute to relative vice versa, press F4 19. We have a vibrant reader community here and we love to learn from each other.Here’s a one minute video showing this in action: [tubepress video=”q2-Phorzo FY”] If you’re interested in receiving updates about future Excel tips from Launch Excel, take this chance to sign up for my RSS feed by clicking on the orange RSS icon to the right.It’s free and easy to sign up, and you’ll be able to read my content hot off the press!

Online dating secrets pdf to excel