Online dating sign desperation

I did this because I intended to get a healthy buzz on at the restaurant bar before the date started to calm any jitters I was having, and I also wanted to secure a seat close enough to the door that I could see if the date was worth sticking around for.

If I was getting Catfished, I could have easily just met up with my friends who were at a bar relatively close by.

Naturally, I used Zillow and Trulia (because one can never be too sure) to estimate the value of his family’s properties, and decided I would more than likely be safe to meet up with this stranger.

The night of the date, I did something I’d never done before in the history of time: I showed up early.

I had set the bar pretty low for myself in the realm of online dating, so I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to hang out with one of my online suitors.

I had three potential new boyfriends within the first two days.

When my date (we’ll call him Seth, because that was his name) arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to learn he looked better in person than on his profile.

I made him awkwardly look around for a little bit before meeting him at the host stand and heading to a table with him.

After my initial failure, I was surprised that I actually had a few guys interested in going on a date with me.

I have heard of this thing called “dating” where you see multiple people at once, but I tend to be very needy (re: psychotic), so I wasn’t ready to fully grasp that concept yet.

Because I didn’t think juggling multiple dates would be an option, I narrowed down my date candidate to one eligible bachelor. I consider myself a hard 6 with makeup on, and he was easily a 5 or a 6, which meant we were compatible in terms of physical attractiveness.

This is a cautionary tale of how not to utilize online dating, if you’re brave enough to give it a try.

About a year ago, in a state of desperation, I took a stab at online dating.