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It’s crucial to give our traders as much of a head start as possible which is why we invest so heavily in developing our trading labs in universities.

It ensures that students are given an opportunity to get a feel for the markets and the nature of the job before they join OSTC or another capital markets participant. I can’t speak to what others do but we commit staff time to our labs and weekly seminars.

Applications from business entities new to these programs are accepted online beginning July 1.

Please note that applications are accepted on a "first come, first serve" basis, and EITC in particular runs out of funds quickly, so it is important for new businesses to submit on July 1.

The EITC program provides tuition assistance support to qualified students from lower income households.

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This is time-consuming and expensive but we feel it’s worth it and the students are certainly very positive in their feedback even if they don’t ultimately end up with a job at OSTC.

Ian Firla: We offer a great opportunity in a country where most roles in the financial sector are restricted to back office and Business Process Outsourcing.

It’s rare in Poland to be a proprietary trader without having to leave the country.

Did you know that through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (PA EITC) and the Pennsylvania Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (PA OSTC), business entities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can earn a tax credit for up to 90% of certain Pennsylvania taxes when they make a donation supporting academic scholarships through 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations, such as Continental FC?

on a first-come, first-serve basis for contributions to EITC and OSTC-approved approved scholarship organizations, such as Continental, which provides academic scholarship support for Continental athletes from lower income families to attend private schools.