Pages not updating firefox

If you run a bookmarked macro and the i Macros sidebar is not open, the sidebar will open to run the macro and close again after the macro is complected.

If the sidebar was visible before the macro is started, it will remain visible after the macro is completed.

This method gives you complete control over Firefox , Chrome, Internet Explorer, and the i Macros browser.

For example, you can return error codes or extracted data from the browser to your program or script.

To run Javascript at its normal (very fast) speed please uncheck this option. The the //imacros-js:showsteps yes/no comment at the top of your Javascript file (including the //) overrides the global setting of "Show Javascript" checkbox in the option dialog.

Examples: i Macros for Firefox automatically installs the SI-Run-Test.js, SI-Get-Exchange-Rate.js, and (View Script Source Code) example javascripts.

Just like Firefox this interface is cross-platform (Win, Mac, Linux).

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This option is useful for testing and debugging, but it slows down the Javascript execution artificially.So while the free Java scripting runs inside Firefox, the API allows you to control Firefox from external software (C , C#, Python, Perl,...).For details, see the chapter with the iim Open command.No administrative rights are required for the installation. You can use i Macros as super-bookmarks: To open the bookmark dialog right-click on the macro that you want to bookmark and select the "local" option.This option adds a link to the macro on your computer to your bookmarks.