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I've had one, maybe two really good relationships that for whatever reason didn't work out. Now I know the difference between my problem and somebody else's.

I've dated people who I thought were going to be a big deal in my life, and I've also spent long periods by myself. It's also nice to be in this place in my career where the dire need to achieve has shifted, because I've had the satisfaction of accomplishing some of my goals.

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I think with a little bit of effort you can lead a somewhat quiet life in this business. Besides Parenthood, you have a new movie, It's Kind of a Funny Story.

When we settle down to do the interview, it turns out Lauren is as low-key and witty as you'd imagine her to be — with a couple more little secrets to reveal, too.

So on Parenthood, you're playing a single mom again. When I was considering Gilmore Girls [at age 32], people were like, "You shouldn't play a mom.

"I'm making a little avocado salsa for us," she explains, expertly chopping tomatoes. ") Needless to say, my celebrity salsa is a huge hit, and not just because it was prepared by TV's favorite school-lunch-maker.

Later, when I mention that I'm heading from her house to a friend's barbecue, Lauren insists I take a Tupperware container of the dip and some spicy tortilla chips. If Lauren is feeling a bit extra domestic these days, there's a reason: After spending her 30s so wrapped up in work that she back-burnered her romantic life, she has finally found love, with her Parenthood costar Peter Krause.