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Annabeth was recounting one of her experiences from her sophomore year. And then, as a stoic mask eventually dawned on Luke’s face, Thalia’s heart constricted. By the time Thalia returned to the Zeus cabin after Capture the Flag, she was exhausted.

She mentioned something that made Thalia throw her head back and laugh, making his heart tug painfully. It had been a close fight, what with Percy and Annabeth leading the campers.

It’s been a year since the war, and already the number of campers have tripled. “W-Well, we have to go train some campers in sword-fighting. ” Annabeth said, already heading off towards the arena and throwing a wave behind her shoulder. ” Percy hollered before taking off after his girlfriend. Without a doubt, feeling at home was the last thing on her mind.

Kids of all ages were running about, at the canoe lake, at the arena, even at the mess hall. Thalia headed towards her makeshift bed in one of the alcoves – the only place in the entire cabin where the statue wasn’t visible.

Most of his mistakes could have been undone and many lives could have been spared, if that were the case.

They were both younger, him about fourteen and her about twelve.She harrumphed and turned away, furiously scrubbing the sand and gllitter off her face. Luke resisted the urge to crack: ‘you’re acting like your father when he’s being a bratty git.’ Stupid ADHD. Instead, he held out his arms and gave her an apologetic smile. I can’t stay mad at you.” She said, accepting his hug.When Luke saw that the daughter of Zeus still wasn’t letting up, he sighed and walked towards her. From the corner of her eye, she saw Annabeth stand up and walk towards them. ” Phoebe, her second-in-command said from outside the front door, snapping her out of her reverie. I’ll be right there.” With one last glance at the photo, she set it down and headed out of her cabin.Beckendorf’s skin grew paler, his body lankier, and his face more elfin.His hair became honey blond and when he smiled, his blue eyes lit up in mischief.