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2-1 loss tells me our Rangers were in this one, did Hank have to do headstands to keep the game that close?

That would speak volumes...Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTHolland is actually playing far better than Hayes.... PJMon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTGet this nightmare over with already, trade Nash as soon as possible, move on.

Please no....r F4l Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTI opt for bitch slapping AV's fat, clueless, gum chewing, Jack Black, Cat in the Hat stupid face. And boy, did he ever get futures: Three firsts(ZBORIL, SENYSHYN, FREDERIC) two seconds(FORSBACKA-KARLSSON and LAUZON), plus Colin MILLER and Sean KURALY.

Those two deals, when combined with some decent drafting, jumpstarted the Bruins back to success.

Hank can't do any better than he did tonight... Letting the news of Nash making team choices demoralized an already bad team.

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Hospo Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTI watched a few minutes of the 3rd, heard Mc Donagh had 7 blocked shots and is 3rd in the league in blocks.....Just look at a few days ago when Smith stood up for himself after a dirty hit and AV is on record saying that wasn’t appreciated.If you were a player (esp if that guy happens to be JT who gets shorted on if he farts upwind of AV) would you feel comfortable doing what comes naturally?I thought those idiots in Vancouver were bad....geeesh...dude was caught on video being cheered into eating horseshit. r F4l Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTStepunmytoe: Agree as long as he gets good ice time.If not I would rather see Holland warming the bench and Letteri getting top minutes in the minors.