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I was a little hesitant( you never know if it a guy) but we exchanged phone numbers and have talked on the phone and had even better conversations.

W only started talking baout a week ago on IM and really hit it off and were talking like old friends.

Usually don't care for those that are new to this cause it's difficult to know what they feel comfortable with. maybe we can exchange phone numbers and talk on phone.. Who would of thought that we could meet someone in our own town.. If your interested in swapping phone numbers, getting to know each other and maybe even meeting inbox me please. Our person pet peeve are the ones that think the size of their cock will make us grab out coat, and run out the door to meet them..

No perverts and no ugly bitches or fat sorry; )Sex for me is just a pleasurable pursuit. I don't need an emotional attachment in order to have sexual fun. I think women have just been conditioned over the years to think we have to be chaste and if we enjoy no strings attached sex, we are just sluts and whores. Located at the western end of Buzzards Bay, the sandy, southwest-facing, 2-mile long beach is breezy all year round, providing excellent wind surfing and a dependable respite from sweltering inland temperatures every summer. One of which she lured away from his wife after a foursome.

Any thoughts,suggestions, or warnings for my first time and our night together? In 8 yrs of being involved with this lifestyle thru the INTERNET, we have had it happen all too often.

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It will be mainly be her and I and we'll decide about the threesome with her boyfriend as it comes up. I (bob) usually handle all the email and IMs for one simple reason, She refuses to because all too often we get some moron, that does right off the bat, forgets that you maybe talking to a woman, who you do know..

email me with phone number Adult Bookstores/Theatershi, i live in the middle of Arizona, i have to drive 95 miles south to Phoenix to go to an adult book store. i was sitting in the up stairs theater one day, when a large man sat next to me.

after a few minutes he put his hans in my shirt and belong to fondle my small breats, it felt so good i wanted to take him home with me.

after that he unziipped my pants and gave me the best blow job of my life.

we swapped phone numbers and addesses but he didnt call back.