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If you are deeply affected by rejection and feel unable to pick yourself up and brush it off it may be that even the slightest rejection is tapping into unresolved issues from your past.

If you think this is the case it would probably be advisable to talk to someone to help overcome this as it is likely to get in the way of you moving on with your life.

I’d go out with you, but I’d be afraid of my future children inheriting your nose.

Rejection is a natural part of the dating process, whether it’s not getting a reply from your message or securing a second date.

As difficult as it can feel to do it is important that you don’t give up.

If you allow one rejection to cause you to cancel your subscription and resign yourself to a life alone you are hurting no-one but yourself.

The golden rule here is to do as you would be done by, be kind, polite and respectful.Although it may feel very hurtful it is not you as a person that is being rejected.In the dating process it’s unlikely that the person rejecting you will have begun to really get to know you. Handling rejection and overcoming it will be helped greatly if you can maintain a positive attitude.Whether one or several people have turned you down you cannot logically generalise to “everyone” or “always”. People who have a positive mental attitude don’t let a knockback ruin their day or deter them from finding their special someone. Even if you think they are making a mistake and there is potential in the relationship it will be better for your dignity and self worth is you respect their decision rather than beg them to reconsider.Do ask some questions if you think it will help but don’t beg, plead or whine.