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The district's Board of Directors has placed a bond on the Feb.13 Special Election ballot that will replace these four schools and build a new primary and middle school campus in the southeast section of the district to help accommodate growth.

-As of 2017 there were 28,300 existing housing units in the district, with another 2,350 total single and multi-family units pending development.

Among middle schools, Laurin, Chief Umtuch, Pleasant Valley and Tukes Valley are predicted to increase with the largest influx happening at Laurin, which is projected to see an additional 381 to 442 students over the next 10 years.

The report examines trends in enrollment, demographics (including birth rates) and residential development to project the district's enrollment through 2027. Besides providing enrollment projections, the report also confirms the accuracy of the rate the district uses to project how many students will come from new single and multi-family home developments in the district.

"The report will also help guide our projections for student growth that are critical in future budgeting processes." The primary schools that are expected to see the largest increases in enrollment over the next 10 years are Glenwood Heights Primary with an additional 378 to 445 students, Captain Strong Primary with an additional 129 to 182 students, and Pleasant Valley Primary with 136 to 245 more students.

Tukes Valley Primary is expected to see 75 to 135 students.