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If it’s not already in your system, download it and install it before proceeding to the next step.Once you have the above compiler installed, the easiest and best supported way to install Catalyst in Windows is to use Catalyst is currently in alpha and in under very active development.Here’s a summarized version: is a visualization library.

backend for your system, which may not be accessible from inside the virtual or conda environment.We recommend using a software named that will manage all these dependencies for you, and set up the environment needed to get you up and running as easily as possible.This is the recommended installation method for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Alternatively, you can install Mini Conda, which is a smaller footprint (fewer packages and smaller size) than its big brother Anaconda, but it still contains all the main packages needed.This will allow Catalyst to open matplotlib charts from within a virtual environment, which is useful for displaying the performance of your backtests.To learn more about matplotlib backends, please refer to the matplotlib backend documentation.