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Finchingfield Brook is to the right, and you follow its meanders back to the village.

Climb a stile, cross a plant footbridge, turn right along the right-hand edge of the next field and follow the edge to the left.

aren't necessarily exhaustive, and they may not always be accurate as changes to the Right of Way network made between map editions don't make it on the map.

In England and Wales, the local authorities (unitary authorities or counties) are required to maintain a Definitive Map and Statement on paper, which is both definitive and up to date and must be publicly accessible.

Cross a footbridge over the stream to return to the start.

Footpaths on edge of a field must not be ploughed, except where they cross fields - however, a minimum width of 1 metre must be made available within 14 days of ploughing.

Bridleways on the edge of a field must not be ploughed, except where they cross over fields.

Where the drive turns left, keep ahead along an enclosed path which continues along the left-hand edge of a field.

The path later widens into a track that continues first between fields, then along a right-hand field edge, and bends first left and then right to reach a fork.

Walk across the next field, climb a stile and head gently uphill to a pair of stiles.

Climb the one in front, turn right, head across a field and climb a stile on to a road.