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source: UNESCO/ERI Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 La Orden Militar y Hospitalaria de San Juan de Jerusalén ocupó esta ciudad desde 1309 hasta 1523, dedicándose a convertirla en una plaza fuerte.Posteriormente, la ciudad pasó a manos de los turcos y los italianos sucesivamente.After 1523, most churches were converted into Islamic mosques, like the Mosque of Soliman, Kavakli Mestchiti, Demirli Djami, Peial ed Din Djami, Abdul Djelil Djami, Dolapli Mestchiti.

It is divided with the high town to the north and the lower town south-southwest.

In de benedenstad bestaat de gotische architectuur naast moskeeën, openbare baden en andere gebouwen uit de Ottomaanse periode.

Source: Brief synthesis From 1309 to 1523 Rhodes, the largest island of the Dodecanese, was occupied by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem who had lost their last stronghold in Palestine, in Acre, in 1291.

Criterion (iv): This cultural property is an outstanding example of an architectural ensemble which illustrates the significant period of history in which a military/hospital order founded during the Crusades survived in the eastern Mediterranean area in a context characterised by an obsessive fear of siege.

Rhodes is one of the most beautiful urban ensembles of the Gothic period.