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This change was made per our parents' request in order to maintain student safety. If you can help with fundraisers, or other activities please let us know in the office and we will pass your contact information on to the PTA.

Please park in the neighborhood and walk your student in or drop them safely at a crosswalk. If you know of a business that would be willing to help sponsor some of our PTA activities please let us know.

I'd like to thank the Williams community for the warm welcome to the campus.

Although I'm new to Williams, some of you may recognize me from the 13 years I taught Kindergarten at Hathaway School or you may have bumped into me during my 6 years as Assistant Principal at Blackstock JHS.

Please feel free to chat with me when you see me around Williams and don't forget our monthly PTA meetings and movie nights which are usually scheduled on the last Friday of the month.

This month's Movie Night is scheduled for Friday, January 26th at p.m.

The Ventura County Star came out to watch our plight and hung in there until the end. Title IX regulations also require the name and contact information of each Title IX Coordinator be made public by the educational institution.

We went down to 9 feet and we never found anything but a railroad spike. If you have better intel on the mysterious missing time capsule call us at 488-3541. The Hueneme Elementary School District affirms its commitment to equality of opportunity for all individuals.

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PTA President- Terri Hernandez PTA Vice President- Will Huit PTA Secretary- Laura Piña PTA Treasurer- Sharon Ordaz Here is an idea of how PTA funds are used: Teacher support ( yearly reimbursements -100 per teacher)Student Books (library and classroom)Field Trips (extra support when requested)Playground Equipment Playground Tables and Umbrellas Marquee Fund Water and Prizes for Jog-a-Thon Red Ribbon Week Activities Volunteer Appreciation Teacher Appreciation Lunch Read Across America - prizes and books Battle of the Books - prizes Movie Nights (snacks) Teachers are available for Homework Club on the following days: Grades 4/5 - room 12 - M/W/Th - - pm Grade 3 - room 21 - M/W - - pm Teachers have have staff meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays are teacher prep days. Wear the Character Counts color of the month on Fridays. Gonzalez 9/25, 1/17 Room 8, Mrs Young-Rush 9/25, 11/16, Room 3, Mrs. Guenther's 5th grade class at Williams in April 1973 and chronicles the history of the Hueneme School District to that point. Williams is the last school in the district and in the book. Click on the picture to see a scanned copy of that album. Click on the year to see the class pictures (coming soon)1967-68 1980-81 1990-91 2000-01 2011-121968-69 1981-82 1991-92 2001-02 2012-131969-70 1982-83 1992-93 2002-03 2013-141970-71 1983-84 1993-94 2003-04 2014-151971-72 1984-85 1994-95 2004-05 2015-161972-73 1985-86 1995-96 2005-06 2016-171973-74 1986-87 1996-97 2006-071974-75 1987-88 1997-98 2007-081975-76 1988-89 1998-99 2009-101976-77 1989-90 1999-2000 2010-111911-781978-791979-80 Click on the year to see the yearbook from that year. Quemuel have been reelected for another term to our SSCThis page will contain copies of the agendas and minutes for the School Site Council as well as copies of our school plans so that all stakeholders (Parents, teachers, students, community) can be a part of our process.