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As an illustration of something, as in Dress casually, in blue jeans, for example, or This program has problems-for instance, it's hard to retrieve lost data.The first expression, which dates from the late 1500s, is used throughout this book to illustrate how an idiom is used. as our image of a friend's face or of a nondescript dog, an image is not derived from one prototype, but from many; when this happens, the image is vague, and blurs the features in which the various prototypes differ., if an enemy piece has a higher number on it than your own, you may take it if the number of empty spaces between the pieces multiplied by the number on your piece is equal to the number on his piece.It’s barely playable, though it does provide an interesting look at how the game would have played with a realtime 3D engine.The prototype does introduce a puzzle (at least the only one I could find) and features voice acting as well as a pretty cool soundtrack tune.At the beginning of first wave you possess - together with your ship - five motionless ships.As long as you have them enemies attack them first, when you lose the last one they start surrounding you.You should also control your gun's temperature - when it becomes too hot you become defenceless for a short while.

Use the spacebar to blow kisses then use the arrow keys run them over and send them on their way.The amount of time to make a swap is limited and can be set before the game is...Includes all games submitted for the Retro Remakes winter mini 2005 competition.The object is to take away as many letters from your opponent as possible.You do this by swapping letters that are next to each other (touching on a side or a corner) on your own board so that one or both of your letters end up in the same location as the same letters on the opponent's board.