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Most ads and commercials combined sex with high fashion such as the use of Mark Walhberg with Calvin Klein underwear.Being the First in your Brand Category Does Matter Axe was brilliant in that they were first to break branding ground for their category, similar to what the Sex and City series did for TV.This is why creating a brand that differentiates from others is so important.What Happened with Axe after Tag Died Axe continues to be the number one selling brand in it’s category, which is followed by Old Spice.Since then Axe has created a women’s spray known as Anarchy.

When I first watched them my first impression was, “Oh it must be another Axe commercial?

Rob & Big lasted for three seasons, before a falling out between the two ultimately resulted in the show’s end.

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Axe (or Lynx as the brand is known in the UK) commercials are a bit of a cultural phenomenon.

Research has led them to create some interesting commercials, and as a matter of fact the initial campaigns that they ran were so successful that it ended up selling too well to their target demographic.