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But sometimes for really deep-feeling people, it’s hard to actually feel that.

Being gay and then having some of these demons that I felt I had to numb away – and some of the pain that I had throughout my career – it was part of who I am.

The network found that one of its affiliates, WEWS in Cleveland, Ohio, had been pre-empting AM America in favor of airing a locally produced show called The Morning Exchange.

The star’s online revelation follows in the footsteps of several famous people who have decided to come out via the internet.Most recently, Olympic diver Tom Daley informed fans he was dating a man (rumoured to be screenwriter Dustin Lance Black) via a You Tube video. I know my mom loves me – I know my family loves me.It had a lot to do with her addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs.“This whole struggle that I went through, she saw firsthand.She was literally on the front lines of this and was my biggest advocate – my biggest champion and was there for me in times when I didn’t even know I could be there for myself.…For me this is really hard.