Room in exchange for sex

He added that he was looking for a 'monogamous relationship, on a temporary basis'.Since only a handful of ads actually put 'sex' in the title, potential renters sometimes have to read between the lines - the clue is faux-philanthropic phrases like 'wants to help' or 'if you are in a tight spot, let me know'.One creepy Catford homeowner is renting out his property for people to have sex with their dates in - and is waiving the fee completely if you let him watch. I just need a girl to share my bed while you're here." A picky 39-year-old Charlton man seems particularly keen on sharing with a fair-haired woman.

Posts seen by ITV Wales include a man advertising a free room in Cardiff “for a female with whom I can come to an arrangement”.'Perhaps you are a divorced, working woman, single mother or maybe even pregnant? He's willing to open his home and heart to the right woman - as long as she's a 'natural blonde, has red hair, or fair, pale skin'.In Queens, New York, one man offers a 'beautifully carpeted' and friendly house - if you want to be a 'live-in fetish model'.Considering there is a high demand of rooms in the Bangsar region of Kuala Lumpur, the fella really knows how to get what he wants.The post was made public through a thread on Forum, that garnered the attention of Malaysians in a matter of minutes.