Rss feeds not updating in mac mail

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Because of this inconsistency in the interpretation of a Newsgroups header in an email messages, Pine 3.90 and 3.91 users sometimes responded publicly to a message that was sent only by email and intended to be private.

This caused all kinds of flamage to be unleashed on Pine.

I sometimes consider switching to Mutt because it allows a user to redefine keys, it has a macro language, it can be run non-interactively so you can use it in a script, it uses an open development model (as opposed to Pine's more closed development model), and it's FLOSS.

But I always come back to Pine because: 2006-Aug-20: Mulberry is now free/gratis and version 4.0.5 has been released.

If a Pine user replied to this message, Pine asked if she wanted to post her reply to the newsgroup(s).Cute FTP also supports the UTF-8 character set throughout the product for non-English characters.An existing registration serial number for Cute FTP is required in order to upgrade.Connect to new FTP sites in a snap with step-by-step wizard.A user-friendly interface allows you to easily update and maintain sophisticated websites.