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Upon questioning his mother, he is informed that his father – a "no-good, philandering layabout" – deserted their family when Dominic was little more than an infant.

Subsequently, he was brought up as both a boy and a girl to prevent him repeating his father's mistakes.

Inviting all of his erstwhile schoolmates to the party, Mother and sisters join forces to humiliate him into complete submission.

Following carefully laid plans, Dominique's feminization starts early in the morning: …Once they'd finished bathing me, I was taken back to my room, choking down tears of shame with every step.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw what I had to wear – delicate, gauzy remnants that shimmered in the moody autumn sunlight.Typical of this period was (1990), a six-page feminization piece featuring four pencil sketches.The narrative explored several themes common to the transgendered genre, such as The Dominant Matron, The Absent Father, The Wicked Sisters, The Family Conspiracy, The Secret Betrayed and The Dark Twin, amongst others.Despite wearing a traditional schoolboy uniform, he is subjected to continual bullying over his feminine appearance and mannerisms.He is equally baffled as to why he only has one parent, unlike the majority of his classmates.