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Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which involves blasting chemical-laced water and sand deep underground to break apart shale and release gas, has given oil companies the means to have their way with the Bakken. Several states have banned fracking as too environmentally taxing. Last year, North Dakota became the third largest oil producing state in the nation, bumping California.

This year it replaced Alaska for the number two spot after Texas.

Deschamp offered that verdict while packing her trailer, not by choice.

Nobody anticipated the great influx of workers and the impact on the roads and housing and everything else.”The tribal chairman, Tex Hall, regularly treks to Washington, D. “In fact, we now have so many accidents on my reservation that my staff does not even both to call me unless the injuries are life-threatening.No one guessed that on a reservation of nearly one million acres, all the deer would disappear.In the heart of the refuge of recession America, this little-known tribe is grappling mightily with the consequences of striking oil.“It’s horrible,” said Becky Deschamp, a 41-year-old lifelong Fort Berthold resident.It never had any to spare and the recession made things worse.About 40 percent of the tribal workforce was unemployed and people were leaving the land where the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara have lived for more than a millennium.