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The prison officer spent four months off work with tendon and ligament damage, Luton Crown Court was told.In the witness box, Mr Adamson said on Wednesday May 4 he was working upstairs in the office on F-wing, which is for vulnerable prisoners.Other prison officers arrived and restrained Langdell, he said.The jury were not told that Langdell had admitted murdering Katie. Langdell, from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, did not give evidence.I can only guess that you were a bully in school and you are now trying to get your bullying frustrations out on this web site.Why don't you go to a chat room where people like you are a "dime a dozen." Since you OBVIOUSLY don't have a dictionary, a "dime" is one tenth of a dollar (a currency commonly used in the US). blank, USA means you're Jackie Markie, God Botherer Number One on this Guestbook.

He said: "He (Langdell) used to go to a cell with other two prisoners for a cigarette and tea break, but it was locked.

"One occupant was off for a legal visit and the other guy wanted privacy to go through court papers. "He shouted: ' Get this f***ing door you thick c***'." After he shouted and swore again at his colleague Deborah Parkes allegedly saying: ' Get down here you f***ing bitch and open this door'. Mr Adamson, who has been a prison officer for 11 years, added: "At the bottom of the stairs he walked aggressively to me and me punched me in the right eye.

"He shouted up: ' Get this door open downstairs'. He put his hands around my throat and rammed me against a wall, slamming me into a corner.

The judge said: "He assaulted a prison officer because he could not get his own way.

"He hurled abuse at the prison officer and a colleague." "He punched the officer in the face, got him in headlock and tightened the grip.