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Leal had been battling liver cancer at the time of her death.[source citations] Makayla Woodard, 5-years old, was killed by two pit bulls while in her front yard.[source citations] Kristen Dutton, 9-years old, was fatally attacked by a 98-pound Japanese akita.Her grandfather, Mickey Abercrombie, had purchased the dog three weeks earlier for his grandchildren who lived at his Modoc home.The seller of the dog was not named, nor did any discussion arise in the media about why Abercrombie purchased an akita for his grandchildren; a breed with a well known heritage of dogfighting and guarding.

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The third dog went after Blansett, who had to run up the road to escape.[source citations] Ronnie Waldo, 51-years old, was killed by three pit bulls owned by his landlord and neighbor, James Swanson.Waldo had been renting a nearby property from Swanson and was discovered by a friend in Swanson's front yard.Yet on February 17, the two dogs launched a brutal attack upon Sirlinda killing her.When the dogs' owner learned what happened, he rushed out to help Sirlinda.