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I used to be the type of person who would be happy as a brain in a jar and was very disconnected from my body — mostly because the only physical things that were prized growing up were athleticism or mainstream beauty, and I have neither.

I did get a lot of backlash from other performers and trolls in general about how I was too ugly/hairy/knock-kneed/fat/brown/etc. That just spurred me on to be more radically body-positive, to fight back against notions of there being One Good Burlesque Body, that people have to look a certain way to be qualified to go onstage.

We're a very performance-geared family, so we all seemed to find our own scene.

My dad likes the business aspect of it, like the production and self-promotion.

Iris: Let me put it this way: When people will pay for a ticket to see your cellulite, and cheer uproariously for a peek at your stretch marks, you tend to feel a whole lot better about your body as it is.

How do your partners (past and present) feel about your performances? He listens to my new act ideas and watches my choreography and gives me feedback.

There's more to burlesque than nipple tassels and Dita Von Teese. Lucky: I was in a workshop with a bunch of other guys. But as soon as I got up there and heard the audience cheering, I was instantly high. More than anything else, I loved the opportunity to create my own unique piece of theater, with complete creative freedom.

In this week's Sex Talk Realness, speaks to burlesque performers Bunny Buxom, Creatrix Tiara, Lucky Charming, and Iris Explosion about performance, body positivity, and what really makes someone sexy. I was nervous, but most of all, I think I just felt like a big dork. It was a long-time dream, and I was well prepared after taking classes with the New York School of Burlesque. A lot of close friends attended my first show, and it was so nice to have them cheering me on and giving me big hugs once the show was over. Bunny: I was super nervous before hitting the stage. What's the secret to being a good burlesque dancer?

Some people are all about movement and body — whether you are really strong with dance, or you look good.He often runs sound when I produce shows and proofreads my copy.He helps me whenever I need it and is my cheerleader when I can't be. I've always been pretty comfortable with my body, and when I saw that Chris Harder was offering a Boylesque 101 class, I figured I should give it a shot. Burlesque is not my main source of income by any means, but I still consider it a job. If it weren't fun, it wouldn't be worth doing, but it's a business too. Lucky: I've been an actor for most of my life, and toward the end of college, I realized that more and more of the shows I was doing involved less and less clothing. Lucky: Definitely professionally, but it's always fun.

Sex relationships and sometimes love monologues online