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I also had a small pump attached to my seat tube bottle cage.JC attached a Garmin GPS to his CX, so we could see how far we had to go – usually good for morale.Bike maintenance During bike training we practiced ‘off’ as well as ‘on-road’ biking.

A compact saddlebag held repair kit and inner tubes.

We know basic bike mechanics but after a few hundred miles of training rides, our gear and brake cables had stretched and adjusting them was proving tricky.

We turned to Felix at Moore’s Cycles in Twickenham who fine-tuned our Scott CXs to run smoothly during the race.

It also has centre-pull brakes that aren’t as powerful as disc or cantilever brakes, but they keep working when the mud is flying.

JC kept the tyres it came with: Schwalbe Rocket Ron CX 700-35C, which are light, knobbly and suited for muddy terrain.