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" opined one prefect." "Marion is lovely in so many ways, she has a perfect figure, not top heavy like Jo........." said another prefect who was actually standing close to Josephine and talking as if Josephine had no right to protest being spoken of completely publicly in that way. "Well, well, well" said the head-girl in a soft low sneering voice, "just look what we have here".

As the head-girl and her ten prefects marched in, I stood tall, my five-foot eight inches putting me boldly above the heads of at least the younger girls in the room."Melody Smith" I responded boldly and confidently, "And I'm not a tart!" This set off a good deal of chatter among the prefects, which the head-girl listened to whilst blatantly ogling me.As soon as the prefecture had gone, the chat among the other girls recommenced. If you don't do as they say, you'll get worse trouble than you ever imagined possible." Strangely, I knew that I would go. "I'll show you our dorm and the way to the prefecture. You have to go totally alone when the time comes." "Is this some kind of initiation wind up?Of course I asked what on earth the head-girl was on about, but nobody would tell me. Something in my nature had been discovered by the head-girl's peremptory command" "Come with me Tania, please." I begged. Are you all just ribbing me because I'm the new girl? I could immediately see in her face that it was not so, and that she felt sorry for what was happening, but was powerless, completely powerless, to do anything.