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We got dressed and packed up our truck next we locked up the out buildings twins get in I drove to the end of the drive got out to lock the main... The flowergirl, it was in 1993, was a son of the brides friend. I explained to the head that Lorraine would be coming to the parents evening she had just arrived back in the UK but it's a surprise for the twins i also told her that she would arrive by helicopter.

My sisters divorce came through she was back to her old self her house was nearly finished and the children had settled into the family. The head said they can use the athletic track to land on i have to mark it with...

Mom took them around the farm what's in there that's were you go when you are realy naughty your mom and aunts have all been punished in there.

Thinking it would keep them quite mom opened the door it was...

I slept like a log I woke up to the smell of bacon went to the kitchen to find the twins cooking breakfast this is a to say thank you.

Ann Marie helped us in with the luggage took us upstairs to our room we got changed into somethink cooler.

Mom was shocked to see my arm in plaster I told her and dad what had happened he said we will get electric gates much safer. A few years ago I lived for a while with a boy who loved to dress in girl clothes.