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76 MULTIMEDIA SPOTLIGHT By David English Sound Blaster AWE32 from Creative Labs. 2000, Elements, Brother HJ-400, Places Rated Almanac, Info Nation, Isle of the Dead, and more. COMPUTE (ISSN 0194-357X) is published monthly in the U. and Canada by COMPUTE Publications International Ltd., 1965 Broadway, New York. Distributed worldwide (except in Australia and the U. I simply slip this tiny card into the 8650, and I can get online at almost any speed — and send and re- ceive faxes. 74 NEW MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTS Edited by Polly Cillpam Hot new hardware, cool new software. Copyright © 1994 by COMPUTE Publications International Ltd. COMPUTE is a registered trademark of COMPUTE Publications International Ltd. Another worthy traveling companion is the GVC 1 4.4 PC- MCIA fax/data modem (GVC Technologies, 201-579-2954, 9). They wondered too, until they knew just how easy I was to use. COLUMNS 4 EDITORIAL LICENSE By Clifton Karnes A look at COMPUTE'S readers. 128 NEWS & NOTES By Jill Champion Booth Top computer news. Second-class postage paid at New York, NY, and at additional mailing offices. The first is the DSP Solutions Portable Sound Plus (DSP Solutions, 415-494-8086, 9).

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Canada — .04 per year, elsewhere — 329.94 per year Single copies: U. Letters sent to COMPUTE or its editors become the property of the magazine. As with many LCDs, you can use the external monitor at higher res- olutions, including 800 x 600 with 16 colors and 1024 x 768 with 16 colors. 8 FEEDBACK Edited by Robert Bixby Answers to tough questions. 68 THE MAKING OF "BABYLON 5" By David Sears Creating a futuristic universe at Foundation Imaging. The quality of the sound is excel- lent, and the system couldn't be easier to install. I can't tell you how many banners, newsletters, labels and mailing lists I crank out for her causes. 6 WINDOWS WORKSHOP By Clifton Karnes Windows traveling companions. 36 PROGRAMMING POWER By Tom Campbell Visual Basic's Grid VBX. MULTIMEDIA PC 67 FAST FORWARD By David English 27 new multimedia products from the 1994 intermedia show. Box 306, Cammeray NSW 2062 Australia, and in the U. by Seymour Press Ltd., Windsor House, 1270 London Rd.. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to COMPUTE Magazine, P. This won- derful 16-bit Sound Blaster- compatible sound system plugs into your parallel port and turns any notebook (or any desktop, for that matter) in- to a real sound machine.ADVENTURE with an Intel 486SX/33 to Pentium microprocessor, 4-8MB RAM, 170-540MB hard drive, microphone, mouse, 16-bit sound card, fax/modem. "Not that Junior isn't a great kid, but what am I, the babysitter? Ltn at your own pace-as if you had a personal an tutor by vour side.Microsoft DOS, Windows, Encarta, and Works -Multimedia Edition. Stan with simple shapes, then progress mto advanced renderings and techniques. Dabbler is the friendliest and easiest way to create ongmal an on your computer. NY A pixel is the smallest unit of your computer screen that can be controlled by the com- puter. SCREEN 12 TOP: PSET (320,240), m SLEEP 1 m = m XOR 15 GOTO TOP That blinking dot in the center of your screen is a pixel.