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Our client wanted to create a ‘destination’ landing page for a recruitment campaign they were running in traditional print media.

They wanted a single page design that could give the viewer enough information to make a decision to apply for the role being advertised.

We offer quality, bespoke web design with a focus on fully responsive (mobile friendly) web design that offers the best possible experience to all website users.

We offer both Concrete5 and Wordpress design and development.

Our design and development process will bring clarity and focus to your website so that your clients and customers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

All of the websites we create are built using responsive design techniques so your content is presented in an optimal way to your visitors, whether they are using the latest smartphone or a large widescreen display.

We work for customers of all sizes and can tailor the work to suit your budget.

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We know that in an endless list of tasks business owners have to deal with throughout the day, digital marketing can often fall down the list of priorities, giving your competitors the chance to get the upper hand.

Hastings is also home to the Jerwood Gallery, a stunning new art gallery housing a collection of 20 century British art that has never before been seen by the public.

It is located in the Stade area, in the middle of the fishing quarter.

We create striking brands and build functional and responsive websites.

We ensure that they are eye catching, original, interactive and use the best in design to make the customer come back time and time again.