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Editor Sam Tenenhaus conducts interviews with important contemporary authors. Commentators like Scott Tobias and Kyle Ryan talk about the latest movies, television shows, and records.In addition, each episode contains a “Notes from the Field” segment in which Julian Bosman and Jennifer Schuessler discuss current trends in publishing as well as bestseller news. I particularly appreciate the variety on this podcast.Those kinds of clients mean sizable branding budgets, Turck said."We are not only seeing revenue shift from terrestrial radio, it is also coming from mobile budgets," Turck wrote in an email to .He also noted that Bowers in particular was someone that he wanted to work with, calling him "the godfather" of podcasting."For us, as total newcomers to podcasting, long-time listeners but first-time creators, being able to jump in the car with Andy [Bowers] and have him expertly steer us down the road, that's exactly what we were looking for," Silverstein said.

The result is Panoply, a platform that offers partners the opportunity to launch podcasts with the support of Slate's framework.The exhilarating world of podcasting opens up new opportunities for pop culture analysis in the relatively young medium.However, as is the case with the written word, it can often be difficult to separate the podcasting wheat from the chaff.For every intelligent and well-produced episode, there are hundreds of rambling, amateurish productions available for download on a daily basis.Here is a list of ten particularly rewarding podcasts covering the worlds of film, television, music, and literature.